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Pakistan court recommends the unblocking of the PUBG

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The Islamabad High Court directed the PTA to unblock the video game Players’ Unknown Battle Ground (PUBG) thus accepting a petition filed against the policy of the Authority to prohibit the game in Pakistan. Justice Aamer Farooq declared his decision on Friday. It was allocated on 14 July earlier. The court would shortly release a comprehensive opinion, requiring the PTA to make some potential prohibition judgments until all parties have been identified.

The court directed the PTA to promptly unblock the game and clarify their reasoning for banning the title. The lawsuit was submitted collectively by the players of PUBG and the local game-control service. The PTA confirmed on Thursday that the prohibition placed on the video game Players’ Unknown Battle Ground (PUBG) will stay in effect.

The Authority requested game developers to exchange details on PUBG activities, its usage in Pakistan and regulatory initiatives, but no response has yet been provided. Nevertheless, on Sunday, Haque stated that the jurisdiction did not come under his ministry. Federal Science Minister Fawad Chaudhry had expressed his hope that the IT Minister would take notice of this and that the PTA would be advised not to promote such bans that would obstruct long-term technical development.

In addition, Haque said that the IT Ministry had little influence over the PTA. The Office is managed by the Cabinet Department, he added. Haque noted that he was always resistant to limitations that might impede development.