Asif Zardari

PPP hopes for Asif Zardari bail after Nawaz Sharif bail

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Aitzaz Ahsan, senior leader and lawyer of the Pakistan People’s Party, has said Asif Zardari illness is even worse than Nawaz Sharif, If Mian Nawaz Sharif if guaranteed so Asif Zardari should be guaranteed, too He commented on the bail of former Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif at the Lahore High Court on medical grounds. That the law simply looks at all matters Nawaz Sharif bail is on a medical basis Depending on the doctor’s report.

Asif Zardari


Doctors will certainly report that Nawaz Sharif has a serious illness The law says nothing more than that But this decision of Nawaz Sharif cannot be said on merit Aitzaz Ahsan said Nawaz Sharif’s appeal in the Islamabad High Court is underway, Bail is possible there too because if the Lahore High Court has granted medical grounds So bail is possible in Islamabad High Court.

Aitzaz Ahsan said, we were told by a federal minister Asif Zardari‘sillness is worse than that of Mian Nawaz Sharif, they are the backbone, Sugar, heart disease and others are suffering We think Mian Nawaz Sharif if doctors report is guaranteed Asif Zardari should be guaranteed too.

On the other hand, the spokesman NAB issued a statement That he did not oppose Nawaz Sharif’s bail on the basis of humanitarian sympathy and medical grounds They say that if the NAB opposes the bail of former Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif and if concrete arguments were made in the court, it was impossible for Nawaz Sharif to be guaranteed, However, Nawaz Sharif’s illness could put his life at risk Therefore, the NAB did not oppose Nawaz Sharif’s bail on the basis of his sympathy and medical grounds.