Prayer Times


Namaz Timings

It is obligatory upon the Muslims to offer Salah (Prayer) five times during the day and the night within the selected timings fixed by Islamic laws.

The timing for these prayers has basically been decided according to the direction & position of the Sun and these timings vary according to the regions, cities, and countries.

These prayers are named as Fajar, Dhuhar, Asar, Maghrib, and Isha.


1.       FajarDawn (morning) Prayer (before sunrise)Fajar time starts with the beginning of Dawn and remain till the sunrise.
2.       Dhuhr, ZhuhrNoon PrayerThe time for this second prayer of the day starts when the sun declines towards the west from the middle of the sky.
3.       AsarAfternoon PrayerAsar is the next prayers after Dhuhar, & the time begins when the length of the shadow is of a vertical rod.
It ends about 10 minutes before sunset.
4.       MaghribSunset PrayerIt starts immediately after sunset till the sight of the first star in the sky.
5.       IshaEvening (Night) PrayerIsha time begins when the sky is completely dark at moderate latitudes and ends just before the Dawn Prayer.


It is to be mentioned here that there are a few times in the day and the night that are prohibited to offer Nawafils (Optional Prayers).

Prayer Time in Pakisttan


  1. When the first sun ray appears.
  2. End of Fajar when the sun rises.
  3. When the sun passes the highest point.
  4. When the object’s shadow is equal to its length.
  5. When the sun has set.
  6. When the last light disappears.