PML-N to campaign against PM

PTI minister asks PML-N to campaign against PM

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PTI minister asks PML-N to campaign against PM Imran’s no confidence vote
PTI federal minister has reportedly called on top PML-N leadership to submit a motion of no confidence to the National Assembly against Prime Minister Imran Khan, it is heard. An informed source told The News that at a time when the PTI’s partnership with its coalition partners is still facing difficulties, the federal minister recently approached a family member of a top PML-N chief to express that, in case of a no-confidence vote, the opposition might also get support from many PTI MNAs.
Mian Nawaz Sharif, Shahbaz Sharif and Khawaja Asif got the letter from the Minister. The PML-N has not yet replied to this minister’s “idea” and at least for the time being favors the wait and see approach. This correspondent approached the minister who refuted categorically that he had communicated any such message to Sharifs. It’s claimed the federal minister was using his own mobile number to reach the top PML-N leader’s family member. He’s claimed he has an old relationship with his touch affiliated with PML-N. Perhaps this friendship motivated the minister to move on his proposal to the PML-N.
The minister also expressed that there were over a dozen PTI MNAs available for a transition in-house. Interestingly, this federal minister ‘s historical communication with the PML-N on the question of a no-confidence vote against the prime minister correlates with several political scandals that plague the governing PTI.
Although one of the coalition members-BNP Mengal-has already declared that they would exit the nation, the PML-Q political position is also troubling for the PTI administration. There are still discussions regarding the “minus one” model and nothing else except Prime Minister Imran Khan himself talked about it in his latest speech in the National Assembly. Imran Khan threatened to go for the “mafias” and “cartels” by discarding the “minus one” rule.
A recent interview with Federal Minister of Science and Technology Fawad Chaudhry also revealed that even inside the governing PTI things were not going well. Chaudhry had claimed that Jahangir Tareen had dropped Asad Umar from the finance ministry, and that the group was deeply influenced by the infighting between Umar, Tareen and Shah Mehmood Qureshi.
Chaudhry also shared disappointment with the government’s results on Imran Khan. “The PTI and Imran Khan have had a number of hopes. We or the prime minister have not been chosen by the electorate to patch nuts and bolts but to change the structure, Chaudhry said this in a Voice of America interview. He said one of the key problems was infighting among senior PTI leadership like Umar, Tareen and Qureshi. Who, thus, ends in a power void.
“When the political void was formed, new people who weren’t from politics got filled up,” he said. “If the core unit became disrupted, it was packed with fresh members who, honestly, weren’t compatible with concepts and won’t be willing to be,” he said.
He claimed that this infighting had a great influence on the group, particularly the political class. Saturday, Railway Minister Sheik Rashid Ahmed released a statement promoting the impression that things in the governing coalition aren’t very healthy.
Warning of a potential ‘minus three in the case of any minus one’ Rashid told the PTI ministers not to wash their dirty linen in the press. Rashid has confirmed that “us” is not the last option. He claimed that certain of the ministers achieved something only the opposition couldn’t.