100 textbooks on 'anti-Pakistan

Punjab bans 100 textbooks on ‘anti-Pakistan, anti-religious’ material

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The Punjab Curriculum and Textbook Board banned the selling and printing on Thursday of 100 textbooks for anti-Pakistan and anti-Islamic material. At a press conference, Rai Manzoor Hussain, Managing Director of the Company, said the books were being used in private colleges. More than 10,000 books have been confiscated by the authorities and the matter is being further examined, he added.

The Board has set up 30 commissions to audit the accounts. 31 magazines, like Oxford University Press Pakistan, have been released. They were told to avoid printing and selling. According to Hussain, the prohibited books included ‘blasphemous’ and ‘anti-Islamic’ material against the caliphs.

The birth dates of Quaid-e – Azam and Allama Iqbal in the books is inaccurate and Azad Kashmir was depicted in the maps as part of India. The books often included erroneous comments provided by Mahatma Gandhi and others. Hussain said that it was unfortunate that children were taught incorrect lessons at college.

The committees created would again tour private schools throughout the province to test whether the books are still in operation. The perpetrators should be prosecuted. The Punjab Assembly approved the Punjab Tahaffuz-e-Bunyad-e-Islam Act on Thursday, 2020. It specifies that the Director-General of Public Relations of Lahore shall have the right to visit and inspect every printing press, publishing home, book shop, and confiscating all books before or after printing. Publishers were required to send four copies of their books to the Approved Officer on the day they were released.

The DGISPR can deny permission to import, print or publish a book “if it is counterproductive to national interests, culture, religious and sectary unity,” he added. Despite this, citizens took to Twitter and other social networking sites to condemn the legislation that found it “unreasonable.”