Ramadan Calendar 2021 Pakistan


The Holy month of Ramadan Karim will hopefully begin as on Wednesday, 14th of April this year of 2021. And will continue with till 14th May accordingly. The months of Islamic Calendar start with the sight of a new moon and Azan e Maghrib the date changes.

Ramadan Karim is the 9th month of Islamic Calendar and the Muslims throughout the world follow the same date concepts and start their months with the sight of a new moon. Ramadan has a maximum of 30 days and sometimes 29 depending on the appearance of a new moon. The Muslims fast from sun-rise till sun-set for the seek of Al-mighty Allah. They not only stop eating or drinking but also keep themselves away from all the evil deeds while they are fasting and even after that as Ramadan is a blessing from all aspects.

The Muslims, old or young, men or women, black or white, in any corner of the world is well aware of this month. They know the timings and duration of this month and the virtue the month of Ramadan contains.

But there might some youngsters or some non-religious people who are unaware of this holy month and its importance hence they spend their time in ignorance. They have no idea how worthy this precious month is and how it works for the well-being of humanity.

Being Muslims, it’s obligatory upon us all to seek its knowledge and get the most of it. To gather its blessings, we have to make sure to follow its Dos & Don’ts.

Follow up & Importance of Ramadan Karim Calendar

Many people might be neglecting the importance of Ramadan Karim Calendar 2021 but there are many areas where people don’t have any source of Azan to be aware of the timings. So, this Ramadan Calendar 2021 plays a vital role in them telling exact timings of Sehr-o-Iftar to let the people complete their fasts properly. They can follow this timetable to be exact in following the rituals of Ramadan. Ramadan Calendar 2021 is important for sure as it directs about these two timings (Sehr-o-Iftar).

Not only this but Ramadan Calendar 2021 has another significance as the world nowadays is suffering from the deadly Coronavirus bounding people to be at home naming Corona Virus Lockdown can help people at a vast pace. Due to the circumstances, it might not be possible for the people to be within the range of Masjids or Azan but they will need some guidance for their prayer timings and Sehr-o-Iftar timing for keeping fast so the only solution for them is RAMADAN KARIM CALENDAR 2021.


Karachi04:40 am06:59 pm
Lahore03:56 am06:39 pm
Islamabad03:55 am06:46 pm
Rawalpindi03:56 am06:47 pm
Peshawar04:01 am06:53 pm
Quetta04:29 am07:06 pm
Multan04:11 am06:48 pm
Faisalabad04:02 am06:44 pm
Sialkot03:53 am06:39 pm
Hyderabad04:34 am06:55 pm
Sukkur04:27 am06:56 pm
Gujranwala03:55 am06:40 pm
Kotli03:53 am06:43 pm