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Review of Islamic teachings on human rights

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human rights

Most of the world’s religions claim to protect human rights. But the emphasis and beauty with which Islam has articulated human rights is unparalleled in other religions. In the historical sermon of Hujjat-ul-Wada ‘, the benefactor of humanity made it clear that no Arab has any superiority over a non-Arab and a non-Arab has no superiority over an Arabic.

In the same way, a white person has no superiority over a black person and a black person has no superiority over a white person except piety. Emphasizing good treatment of slaves, he said: “Treat your slaves, your slaves, treat them well, feed them what you eat, and clothe them as you clothe yourselves.” Even at the end of his life, he emphasized “prayer and slavery.”
It was the effect of his training that on his journey to Jerusalem, Caliph Umar used to ride his slave on a camel and walk on his own. On the second floor he would ride a camel himself and the slave would walk. The lives of the Prophet (peace be upon him), his Companions and the Salaf-e-Saliheen are replete with numerous incidents that illustrate the value and importance of human rights in Islam.

The rights of the family take precedence over all human beings. Islam has set a circle of rights for parents, spouses, children, siblings and other relatives within which the rights of each other can be easily protected. But our tragedy is that while respecting the rights The limits are exceeded and as a result the rights of some are lost.

The Prophet (peace be upon him) said: “The best of you is the one who is best for his family, and I am the best of you for my family.” The Leader of the Ummah and his followers He did not limit himself to his words but also acted on them. But our reality is that we have become the conquerors of speech but not the conquerors of character.

On formal days like Father’s Day, Mother’s Day, etc., we send beautiful messages to each other, but in reality, our habits and customs are quite the opposite. The increasing rate of old homes in Pakistan today is a clear proof of this claim. However, the highest human rights belong to one’s parents. Islam also forbids parents to say “off”.

But unfortunately, perhaps today our youth have excluded parents from the realm of human rights. We have limited ourselves to formal days like Mother’s Day and Father’s Day. The tendency towards Western civilization and turning away from Islamic teachings is causing us to commit many dangerous sins. We have made the culture of those who love their pet dogs more than their parents.

In Islam, it is not permissible to give preference to any animal over an ordinary person, so how can such preference be permissible over the parents …? In fact, it is a dangerous trap set by the enemies of Islam to divert Muslims from Islamic teachings, into which we are falling.
It is a fact that as technology has progressed, so has the standard of etiquette.

Big educational institutions are giving good doctors and engineers to the world but good people could not. It is very unfortunate that today’s educational institutions are only engaged in making a name for themselves and doing business. Western-style education is seen as the key to success. Education is limited to reading books and training has been completely forgotten. That is why the graduates of these educational institutions are completely ignorant of the true meaning of humanity and its value and importance.

In fact, Western civilization has taken over our minds. Our young generation has become addicted to Western civilization. However, the social system of the seemingly developed Western countries suffers from very complex problems. Well-known Islamic Thinker Dr. Mustafa Saba’i writes: “In the West, there is neither proper training of children nor respect for parents by children, but the whole family system is paralyzed and fragmented.” The West is fooling the people all over the world with its catchy slogans and our money buying media has a huge role to play in promoting this conspiracy.

On the other hand, despite the bloodshed of Muslims all over the world, the United States and Israel are introducing themselves as human rights activists. Oppressed Muslims, including women and children, are being brutally killed by Israel in Palestine.

Despite this, human rights activists seem to be saying that Israel has a right to self-defense. Similarly, no one is unaware of the Holi that the United States has played with the blood of Muslims on the soil of Iraq and Afghanistan under the guise of terrorism. So far, other Muslim countries, including Egypt, Palestine, Lebanon, Iraq and Afghanistan, have fallen victim to the oppression and barbarism of the United States and Israel.

Islam is the only religion that has best interpreted human rights. It is impossible to respect human rights without following the Prophet and fearing God. Today, in the name of protection of human rights, the thief of humanity is being sold.

This message seems to convey humanity, but in reality there is a terrible conspiracy behind this slogan. Therefore, in this day and age, it is very important to live in a relationship with the people of Islam and learn the basic rules of the religion. So that on the Day of Resurrection they will not be disgraced in front of everyone because of their misdeeds.