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Roberta Kaplan, Amber Heard’s lawyer

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Roberta Kaplan, Amber Heard’s lawyer, withdraws from the case against Johnny Depp

The lawyers-representing Amber Heard in her case against Johnny Depp-allowed the court to withdraw from the case. According to media reports, Robert Kaplan, John Quinn, Julie Fink, Davida Brook will formally withdraw from the case. The actress is reported to be represented by a lawyer from Virginia.

Kaplan Hecker & Fink LL reportedly issued a statement stating that travel and logistics have become an expensive affair and they would like a local attorney to take over the case. They were glad to represent Amber Heard in her case during a difficult time, according to the statement, but it was time to make changes in the midst of the coronavirus crisis.

‘Pirates of the Caribbean’ star Johnny Depp’s attorneys were apparently very anxious to figure out the true explanation why Amber Heard’s lawyers wanted to abandon the lawsuit. They also added that Roberta Kaplan and other lawyers had decided to stay away from Amber Heard’s false claims about the actor.