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FIA and other agencies’ appraisal analysis behind spy detectives exporting spy devices from the White House and other sensitive sites.


The latest espionage devices have been recovered in the United States from other sensitive locations, including the White House. According to a foreign broadcasting agency, the spy apparatus includes a stinging mobile device that provides the location and identity information of one’s presence. According to sources, the purpose of Sting Ridge was to possibly spy on US President Trump.


The former US official claims that the FBI and other agencies have investigated spy devices.

The report states that “IMSI”, also known as “Sting Ridge,” has been found near the residence of the US president and some of the more sensitive places in Washington, DC.

These devices obtain information about the location, identity and data usage of their presence from a mobile phone. A former official said on condition of anonymity that “Sting Rays” could possibly be targeted by President Trump. He did not know whether those who did so succeeded in their cause. A former top intelligence officer said the FBI analyzed where the devices came from, and it was clear that Israel was responsible.

The official also criticized President Trump’s administration for not talking publicly or internally with the Israeli government about it. The former official said that I was unaware of any possible action

Israel has also been spying on the United States in the past. A Mossad agent accessed thousands of secret documents to Israel via Jonathan Pollard, an American analyst in the 1980s.

In 2006 Lawrence Franklin, a former US Defense Department employee was sentenced to 13 years in prison for providing US policy documents about Iran to Israel. The sentence was later reduced to 10 months in prison. General Chat Chat Lounge