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(Never forget Naeem-ul-Haq in his chair and sometimes forget about promising to launch a weekly national protest program on Kashmir.)



Renowned journalist and columnist Talat Hussain has criticized Prime Minister Imran Khan in his recent column. Those who refuse are even simpler than those who jump at flying at the behest of Superman and are now lying on the ground.

He wrote in his column, criticizing them without naming the Prime Minister, who issued the ordinance for amortization of loans of billions of rupees and then running the news that I learned about this ordinance from TV and then this ordinance. Issuing the name, the president withdraws himself without referring to the state.

They thus establish the tradition of withdrawal of ordinances which have no scope for law and constitution.

Sometimes he sits on his chair and forgets about the promise of a weekly national protest program regarding Kashmir. But misleading news about the characteristics of alcoholic beverages by Superman has spread the most catastrophes to the country’s economic system. He said that a year ago, he was hearing about claims of debt relief.

The redemption of the country’s economy and the reliance on self-sufficiency were presented as one of the most important goals of national security. The economy was forced to jump out the window. But later, the IMF pledged a package that was nothing short of a blood-sucking machine.

At the behest of the IMF, it changed its economic team. He said that this was the first time in the history of Pakistan that the IMF should launch a special mission within two months of paying the loan installment so that the borrower government was informed of the seriousness of the situation. No new project started any new jobs report. After getting Millions of rupees in the form of houses for construction of houses, not even a roof was available.

Large companies are shrinking business and businessmen are hitting shoppers, including shopkeepers. The Twitter Tarzan is animated to tell the story of Tota Mina to members of the media, standing in front of the cameras alone. Besides, the country is suffering from the worst political hub and economic decline.

In the past, when Asad Omar  raised the issue of meeting the IMF’s goals during a meeting of the Finance Committee, Prime Minister Imran Khan summoned him and asked, “What is the matter?”

Why not tell the Prime Minister about every small and big issue?

Is the hill of Bani Gala so high in the land of Pakistan that it is virtually unseen?

What is the situation from which the Prime Minister has to be removed every day to correct the rash errors under his nose and to re-arrange a few days later to rectify further errors in the process? ۔

He said that the supermen, who have leaped the system, including the masses, have the great challenge of keeping themselves safe from the treacherous ground. The time for the jumpers to laugh at the fool is now over. This country is in the midst of a crisis, and those who refuse are even simpler than those who leap to fly in the sky at their insistence and are now lying on the ground.