Talha Talib – Pakistani Weightlifter

Talha Talib – Pakistani weightlifter – comes up two kilos short of an Olympic gold in Tokyo but yet became a hero

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Talha Talib, a Pakistani weightlifter  in Olympic Games Tokyo 2020

Short Autobiography of Talha Talib

Age: 21

Gender: Male

Height (m/ft): 1.72/5’7”

Date of Birth: Oct 3rd, 1999

Place of birth: Gujranwala, Punjab

Birth Country: Pakistan

Place of residence: Gujranwala, Punjab

Residence Country: Pakistan




Computer Science – Superior College, Gujranwala, PAK

Languages spoken:

English, Hindi, Urdu


Muhammad Islam Natiq [national, father]


He was named Best Weightlifter at the 2016 Commonwealth Youth Championships in Penang, Malaysia.

Pakistani Weightlifter Talha Talib in Tokyo Olympics 2021

Weightlifter Talha Talib on Sunday passed up an uncommon Olympic decoration for Pakistan yet knocked some people’s socks off as Pakistan, at last, considered him.

The 21-year-old lifter from Gujranwala, making his Olympics debut, participated in the 67kg class and held the gold award spot until the last round before in the long run being knockdown and denied a platform finish.

Eventually, he completed fifth as China’s Lijun Chen, Colombia’ Luis Javier Mosquera Lozano, and Italy’s Mirko Zani caught gold, silver, and bronze individually.

Talib’s lift of 151kg in Snatch class was the second-best of the round. He fizzled in his first Clean and Jerk endeavor of 166kg and even though he was effective for a similar load in his next endeavor and cleared 170kg later, his consolidated complete of 320 was outperformed by others, including Zani, who lifted simply 2kg more than Talib.

The fourth-set member from South Korea lifted 321 kilograms, while the Marko Zanni of Italy sacked bronze with a complete lift of 322 kilograms – 145 in grab and 177 in the quick lift.

Colombian Luis Javier Mosquera

Colombian Luis Javier Mosquera won silver with an all-out lifted load of 331 kilograms, while Chinese Chen Lijun won gold with an all-out lifted load of 332 kilograms.

Prior, Talha had informed that he needed to win a decoration on his Olympic presentation. “I’m setting my heart to win, regardless of whether I am lifting this load at the Olympics or in an unfilled room during isolate, I realize I should be awesome. I’m viewing it as basically as could be expected, I’m not taking any pressing factor,” Talha Talib clarified as he left for Tokyo in the extremely early times of July 21.

Talha has been a miracle kid all through his excursion to the Olympics as the youth needed to confront various hindrances that would have broken any common soul.

He originally passed up the Asian Junior Championship in Korea. Then, at that point, the South Asian Games weightlifting occasion was taken from the Olympic capability occasion. Furthermore, in conclusion, Talha needed to miss worldwide contests because of the absence of assets.

He won the gold decorations at the 2020 International Solidarity Weightlifting Championship accumulating 304kg, and that was his last global occasion before the pandemic hit the world.

The Pakistan Olympic Association had reported in June that the Commonwealth Games bronze-medallist will address the country on an invitational spot, which is regularly given to the competitors who have shown improvement in their class and have been meriting an opportunity.

Defeating the chances 

The preparation Talha did at his old neighborhood in Gujranwala was a complete source of both pain and joy and marvel. He was preparing at the area of a nearby school where he, and his loved ones made a make-shift rec center. He said he went through no less than six hours of preparing every day, without taking a lot of rest.

The eventual outcome of his planning showed essentially with his bounce back at the overall stage in April as he lifted 315kg, similarly taking the bronze honor for the best nark of 148kg in Tashkent, Uzbekistan at the Asian Championship.

Talha, even after taking the award, felt he ought to have won the title all the more convincingly. He got back yet additionally discovered a notification from the nearby school that he needs to clear the premises after July, as the school was going into misfortune monetarily and was battling to keep above water.

Talha has been getting ready for the Olympics without standard gear as well, yet he isn’t abandoning his fantasy of an Olympic decoration.

Talha saw the hardest contest from the Chinese weightlifters at the Asian Championships, however, he sees the four-time titleholder Chen Lijun as his legend as well.

“I see Lijun and he is an incredibly awakening contender to me. He is one of my holy people. He is great through electronic media too, giving tips, being a concentrated saint. I respect him and feel uncommon to battle with him,” Talha had said.


Despite Talha Talib missed up Brone Medal yet everyone is pleased with him due to his bravery efforts.