Tape sold Banana

Tape sold Banana on the wall Sell ​​for one hundred and twenty thousand Dollars

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Two banana sticks on the wall of the American Art Gallery have been sold for a total of Rs 30 million. Of course you only pay a few rupees for this one banana. But such a banana is on sale at Art Gallery of Miami for $ 250,000. The amount of Pakistani rupees is equal to one crore 80 million. After that the second banana was sold for the same amount.

Tape sold Banana

It was created by Italian artist Maurizio Catalano. The artist was nicknamed ‘Comedian’. He said on the one hand, banana is a part of global trade, and is included in our daily lives and jokes like banana peel are also common in our society.


Maurizio previously wanted to make bananas with bronze and other metals but he did not succeed and after that he bought three bananas from a shop and taped them in an art gallery. One banana woman bought at One crore 80 million rupees and another man bought the same price. But the third banana is expected to be an even more expensive sale which is valued at $ 1.5 million.


Owner of Art Basel Gallery Emmanuel Perotin, Said that they didn’t expect it and they think it’s a miracle.