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The 6-foot girl married a 2-foot boy and set a great example of love



The bride wrote her name on her hand to express her love for her husband The Pakistani couple became the viral on social media.


According to details, a wedding ceremony was held in the Norwegian capital Oslo, the which Groom is 2 feet while the bride is 6 feet tall. Brahman Chishti wife Fauzia affectionately call him ‘Boo Boo’ They are only 2 feet tall That’s why the video of the couple’s wedding went viral worldwide and while watching the couple became the focus of public attention.


People from 13 different countries attended the Pakistani couple’s wedding in Oslo the wedding video of the day went viral on social media yesterday Which has not only been seen by millions of people till now, but is also being well liked by the couple.


At weddings 2 feet groom can be seen dancing on Punjabi songs with his friends Which is proof that Bobo is extremely happy with his marriage Burhan Chishti’s wife Fauzia is from Pakpattan district of the Punjab province of Pakistan.


Burhan Chishti born with polio suffer But despite this illness, Bobo remains very active on social media Pictures have also surfaced bobo with big personalities.

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