The government has decided to remove the “profession” box from the passport


The government has decided to remove the “profession” box from the passport


Pakistan News : The federal government has also expanded the passport amnesty scheme for public servants by eliminating the “profession” box from the passport. According to the documents, the federal government has canceled registration of the passport. While the passport scheme for government employees has been extended by 2 months.

The decision was made by Prime Minister Imran Khan Was chaired by a federal cabinet meeting.

Data enrollment for government employees will be extended from July 25 to two months. Despite eliminating the profession box from the passport, it is mandatory for government employees to submit their department’s NOC. The purpose of the issuance of the NOC is to register government employees in the bio-data of government employees. According to a decision made earlier to extend the enrollment of data, the payment of 5,000 additional fees will continue to apply. The same conditions apply to government employees overseas.

Within two months, government employees must disclose their profile Otherwise, after November, there will be litigation against civil servants. The removal of the passport from the passport will not apply to public servants, The three-month period for applying for a change of profile for public servants with a private passport was applied from April 21, 2019.