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The 6th of July Saturday is going to be celebrated as “The International Day of Co-operatives” this year worldwide but this day varies annually according to the first Saturday of July.


Currently, as the World’s population is getting higher & the rate of unemployment is at its peak around the globe, income inequality is increasing. So for that regard, it is a better option to keep in mind that the solutions to this inequality do exist and “The Organization Model” is the one amongst those.

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The celebration of “the International Cooperative Day” began since 1923 as an annual event to be held on the first Saturday of July by the International Cooperative Alliance. The United Nations and the International Cooperative Alliance have been observed together since 1995.


The basic aim of this day is to celebrate the “Cooperative Movement” is to increase the awareness of the Cooperative Employees socially, highlight the individual goals and achievement of the United Nations and the international organizations, estimating the contributions of the movement for the solution towards the clinical problems that are addressed by the United Nations. The further goals of the day are to make the partnership relationship between the international co-operative movement and its other partners strong and long lasting as well to extend their working relationship.

The two joint organizations, “the United Nations and the International Cooperative Alliance” set a special theme to celebrate the day of Cooperation (#CoopsDay) with the help of the Committee for Promotion and Advancement of Cooperative (COPAC) each year differently.



The theme of “International Day of Cooperatives” (IDC) for the year 2018 was “Sustainable consumption and production” that created an opportunity for cooperatives to see how they can run an organization successfully alongside with the due respect to the natural environment and the resources that it offers.

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This year (2019), the CoopsDay has the theme “COOPS 4 DECENT WORK”.


Comparing the employment from the other sectors, the Cooperative is more supportable, defendable over time and they are far away from the frontier phenomenon.


Through #CoopsDay, everyone, including local, national and global policymakers, civil society organizations and the public, in general, can learn about the contribution of Cooperatives within a decent working environment.