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The International Day of Criminal Justice is going to be held on Wednesday (17-07-19) this year with the theme “Humanity Against Crime”.



Every year on 17th July the world celebrates the International Day of Justice also defines as the day of International Criminal Justice. The basic aim of celebrating this day is to unite against the crime & empowerment of justice. Also to help in spreading peace, well-being, & secured environment worldwide.

History of the International Justice Day

The Rome Statute was adopted in 1998 and The International Justice Day celebrated on 17th July is its anniversary. This day was made official to be celebrated each year globally was announced in the Review Conference of the Rome Statute on 1st June 2010 in Kampala (Uganda) by the assembly state parties.

The reason to celebrate the Rome Statute anniversary was that the International Criminal Court (ICC) was created with the assistance of this Treaty. And after the establishment of ICC since 1998, approximately 139 different 139 nations have marked the Courts arrangement and about 80 States, delegate of each area of the world, have endorsed it.

The individuals around the globe gather to celebrate this day each year. They arrange different occasions to advance the International Criminal Day and utilize its power to support the International Criminal Court (ICC) against Criminals. The day has been fruitful as it has pulled in the consideration of the International News with its power. And it has also forced the people to concentrate on some specific issues like decimation in Darfur, Falun Dafa, and genuine violations of savagery against ladies.

For the last some years, the rate of corruption is being increased globally affecting the common people to get justice. The laws here favor the rich while the poor always suffer. And the women as per the law are degraded in the men dominating society. Therefore, the balance among these communities has to be ensured to make justification for the poor alike the rich, women as those to the men. Some specific policies should be made to provide justice to the people beyond their genders and inequalities.