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The list of the world’s most powerful air forces has been released

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air forces

The United States is the world’s largest air force with 13,398 warplanes Pak Air Force ranked seventh with 1281 combat aircraft.

air forces


Military website Global Fire Power revealed this in the latest review Egypt ranks first in the Arab countries with 1092 combat aircraft of various types Turkey has 1067 and Israel has 595 warplanes and this is the eighteenth intercontinental air force.


Saudi Arabia is the second largest air power after Egypt in Arab countries It has been declared the 12th international power Algeria ranks third in the Arab world and internationally at 21st The United Arab Emirates is the fourth and the 22nd largest air force in the Arab world.


Greater air force 1st position US then 2nd position Russia is second with 4,787 warplanes China ranks third and its warplanes are 3187 India owns 2082 warplanes and is ranked fourth in the world South Korea ranks fifth and has 1,614 aircraft.


France has 1248 aircraft and is ranked eighth in the world France has 1248 aircraft and is ranked eighth in the world The UK Air Force has 811 combat aircraft and is ranked 15th


The Military Web Site also lists such countries Who either own the smallest air force or lose the air force altogether Liberia is a country that does not have a single war plane Madagascar owns only 2 warplanes while Central Africa owns 3 warplanes.