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The most shameful face of the Indian film industry is exposed

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Actors are forced to do what, Shocking revelations by Zarin Khan. In recent times many Bollywood actresses have been exposed to sexual abuse in the Indian Film industry. And they have told the world the shameful events that have happened to them. Now actress Zarin Khan is added to the list who in the last days interviewed exposed the shameful face of the Indian film industry.


Zarin Khan says that casting couch is a reality in Bollywood, and most actresses have occasionally related it in their careers. Zarin Khan told about the events that took place with him that I was twice sexually assaulted one director once told me There is a kissing scene in the movie; rehearsal the scene with me. I strictly forbid this director, said Zarin Khan. I said I would not kiss at rehearsal It’s a matter of those days when I was a new in the industry. The second case of sexual harassment was told by Zarin Khan. That once another person told me that he wanted to have more than a friendship with me. He said that if I said yes, it would help me bring more work to the industry.

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