principles of the Holy Prophet

The principles of the Holy Prophet (sws) and today’s society

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Helping the poor and orphans was your first priority. The reason for our failure is that we have stopped adopting your morals. Your whole life has been a source of good morals. Truthfulness, honesty, generosity, keeping promises, loyalty, greatness of elders, compassion for the little ones, love for relatives, love for one’s wives, benevolence towards God’s creatures, all good things were given to you at that time. Also could not reach your morals.

Once someone asked Ayesha what her morals are and she said that what is in the Qur’an is her morals. You were called honest and sincere because of your good manners. Seriousness is to speak less. Avoiding useless talk, meeting people with laughter and happiness. It was the habit of the Holy Prophet to speak simply and truthfully.

Your whole life is a perfect example for us. But nowadays Muslims have adopted such deeds and morals in which your morality is rarely found. Lying, dishonesty, stinginess, breach of promise, adulteration, usury, and bribery are commonplace. Our society has deteriorated to such an extent that no human life, property or self-esteem is safe. Poverty, unemployment, and mistrust have reached our homes.

Even if we talk about humanity, our society has not been able to do the work that is an example for us in your life. There are so many helpless, poor, and orphans around us who have a hard time getting food at the same time but we have also failed to help them. Helping the poor and orphans is your first priority. The reason for our failure is that we have stopped adopting your morals.

The Quraysh of Makkah had so much faith and trust in the Holy Prophet that after the Prophet hood, the disbelievers of Makkah were becoming mortal enemies of the Holy Prophet. Even then, they were satisfied by keeping their trusts with the Holy Prophet. And Christians are content to stay in the country. Morally, most of the work in our society today is something that we have never found in Muhammad’s entire life.

That is, greed, lust, deceit, lying, adultery, robbery, and theft, etc. We have fallen so morally that Western society is much better than we are. They have mostly adopted the morality that a Muslim should want to have. Truthfulness, honesty, purity, apathy, non-mixing, and benevolence of the Creator God are what we see in Western society.

Our society is suffering from many problems in the present age and one of the reasons may be that we have stopped adopting your morals and bringing them into our lives, so we should study the life of the Holy Prophet and your morals. Try to adopt it throughout your life, so that our society becomes prosperous, developed and peaceful.
And we live together in love and affection.