Olympic peace

The Russian Committee calls for’ Olympic peace’ regarding Tokyo 2020

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The Russian Committee calls for’ Olympic peace’ regarding Tokyo 2020 in the face of apprehension of coronavirus

Russian Olympic Committee (ROC) advised the global sporting world to stay vigilant as the coronavirus pandemic plunged into doubt the prospect of the 2020 Olympics in Tokyo. In the present scenario hysteria is the worst thing that can happen, the ROC said in a tweet.

Olympic peace

The ROC encourages all sports group members to maintain the Olympic cool, to behave consistently and constructively when planning for the Olympic Games in Tokyo 2020,” it said. Japan’s Games are scheduled to start July 24, but their existence has been challenged by the rising size of the global coronavirus pandemic. In recent days a increasing number of national sports federations have called for a postponement of the Games.


We consider any effort to put pressure to bear on the organisations responsible for hosting the Games and pushing them to take rash decisions as unreasonable, continued the ROC document. Since 2015, Russia has been at the forefront of a cheating controversy with long-term systematic doping allegations concerning senior state officials. Russian competitors were disqualified from the last Pyeongchang Winter Games, a judgment that will apply to Tokyo according to a Court of Arbitration for Sport verdict.