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Thirty years ago, today, what did Tendulkar say about Imran Khan


Leading Indian commentator and former middle-order batsman Sanjay Manjrekar explainsIn 1989, Tendulkar was playing his first Test match against Pakistan at the age of 16 in Rawalpindi.

A ball on the leg stump took the very fine edge of Sachin’s bat and fell into the hands of the keeper. But that Edge was so fine that no one in the boiler and keeper could hear it, even I didn’t know.

However, Imran Khan, who was standing on the midsection, started to appeal the umpire, however, dismissed the appeal in view of Boiler and Wicketkeeper’s disinterest. Imran Khan was upset over his teammates and started calling them slow and focused in the match due to lack of appeal.


As the over was over, between me and Sachin’s wicket, Sachin looked at me with astonished gaze and looked at Imran Khan. What a man, man, these are very thin. Wonderful construction is his

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