harm of mobile

This harm of mobile use at night will astonish you

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Are you worried about body weight gain, they can also be in your hands or pockets when you refrain from overeating or even exercise.And that’s a smartphone or tablet.

harm of mobile

Yes, the use of smartphones or tablets at night increases the desire to eat sweets, which in turn increases the body weight.

The claim came from medical research conducted in the Netherlands and France.

This was discovered during experiments on mice in a joint study by Strasbourg University and the Netherlands University.

An hour in the blue light emitted from these devices also influenced the rats’ desire to eat and increase their chances of consuming a poor diet the next day, the study said.

The blood sugar levels of these animals go up, causing the body to be unable to process sugar, which is a warning sign before diabetes.

Researchers say the results bolster the evidence that excessive phone use at night can lead to obesity.

These mice were kept awake during the day while incubated at night so that they could better replicate the human body clock.

These mice were given the opportunity to select 4 foods containing balanced diet, sugar water, fat, and water and found that after staying in the blue light, the rats preferred more sugar while also maintaining glucose tolerance in their body. The negative effects were set.

Researchers say it was only a night effect, but over time it increases the likelihood of becoming obese and diabetic.

The results of this research were presented at the Annual Conference of the Society for the Study of Instituto Bevier.