Thundershowers, rain forecast today in Karachi

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KARACHI: Heavy downpour and thundershowers are forecast to strike the port city again today, the Pakistan Ministry of Meteorology (PMD) According to the PMD the threat of thundershowers and rain would be gloomy in the port city over the next 24 hours. Director MET Sardar Sarfraz said the rain system is present in south-east Karachi’s Arab Sea and thunderstorms can form in 11 to 12 hours.

He added that before the rainstorm starts winds could move at a pace of 50 to 60 km / h, after which strong, moderate and light rain showers are likely to occur in different sections of the region. “Many places are forecast to see 30 to 40 mm of rain,” he added.

The monsoon system is said to have been in the southeast of Karachi since yesterday morning and has been strengthened by moisture from the sea, leading to the first monsoon rain in the financial capital of Pakistan. Top official of the PMD said wind speeds were reported at 54km / hr in the thunderstorm.
Data received by the authority shows the maximum rainfall in Saddar at 43 millimeters (mm), 26 mm at the Pakistan Air Force (PAF) Faisal Base, 22 mm at Nazimabad, 12 mm at PAF Masroor Base, 8.8 mm at Karachi Jinnah International Airport, 3.1 mm at Landhi, and 1.2 mm at Surjani Town on Monday.

Sarfraz added that due to higher humidity in the sea the monsoon system has become stronger and intermittent rain is expected until the morning of July 8.
9 Killed in rainy first spell

At least nine people were killed and numerous others wounded when torrential rains wreaked havoc due to flooding in the metropolis, carrying with it hours-long power outages in several communities amid assurances by the K-Electric that it had made upgrades to its infrastructure before the thunderstorm.
Among those killed in the town during the rain were a woman and baby, rescue officials reported. Three died as a roof of a house collapsed in Ibrahim Hyderi, while a three-year – old girl died when a wall fell in the Shamsi Society of Malir, officials said. Another woman in Liaquatabad was electrocuted to death, while in Mominabad, Orangi Town, a child died the same way.

Several others were injured and one person died when a pole-mounted transformer (PMT) crashed in Ibrahim Hyderi, a Pakistan Fisherfolk Forum (PFF) spokesperson said. Two children died when the roof of a house collapsed in Liaquatabad, in Ibrahim Hyderi, while another woman was killed.
One individual was injured when a tree dropped in Sector 33-D in Korangi, while a five-year-old was injured when a wall collapsed in Memon Goth in Malir. Another guy at his home in Kaemari died from electrocution.