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Vegetarian vendors Sell vegetable ​​at an arbitrary price



Tomatoes sold for 80 rupees, ginger garlic for 400 rupees, Commissioner’s team fails to curb profiteering of vegetable vendors


The inflation started two days before Eid Ginger garlic RS.100 to RS.120 kg Increased sales of Rs 400 kg. The tomatoes were selling for Rs.40 to RS.50 rupees before Eid, It was sold in the first days of Eid up to Rs.80 kg, Rs.10 carriage was charged up to Rs 40, Onions were sold for 70 to 80 kg, The price of lemons was Rs 40 to Rs 50 after Eid ul Fitr Which again reached RS.70 to RS.80 rupees on Eid ul Adha. Green pepper was also sold for RS.60 to RS.70 rupees. The price of the kheer ki saree leaves the whole curry salad at Rs.40 And other salad accessories were also sold at a discounted price.


On the other hand, the demand increased manifold This has led to the wholesale price increase in the market






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