Trump’s presidency played against Russia

Why Trump’s presidency played against Russia

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Only Russian troll farms located in Ghana and Nigeria announced this week that they were trying to inflame tensions between Americans and cause civil strife during the 2020 elections. Its actions did not expressly support the re-election of President Donald Trump.

Trump’s presidency played against Russia


Yet you don’t need James Bond to know that, rather than every other recent American president, Trump has produced some of the Kremlin’s most important. The problem has returned to the center stage in the last month as intelligence officials brief the Congress on Russia’s role in this year’s race. Specific intelligence briefers gave alternate interpretations as to how Russia supports Trump as President, as it did in its 2016 fight against Hillary Clinton.

Trump and his allies believe that the 2020 prejudice against him does not make much sense anyway. “We’ve been really strong on Russia,” Robert O’Brien, Secretary of Defense, told a television interviewer last month.

Indeed, in several particular respects, the administration has been “tough.” Trump has implemented fresh restrictions against Russian misbehavior, though slowly and under Bipartisan scrutiny.

Last year, his Pentagon deployed two aircraft carrier strike groups to the Mediterranean Sea to combat Russian aggression. Trump provided lethal assistance to Ukraine in its fight with Russia.