Muslim scholars

Youtube appreciates Muslim scholars with its Golden Button

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Muslim scholars

For the Muslims across the globe, there is great news to know that religion- Islam is growing at a fast pace.

After Maulana Tariq Jameel now the Dawat e Islami, a non-political movement serving Islam since 1981, has received a Golden button over the completion of 1 milllion subscribers on youtube.

This Islamic movement has also been recognized and registered as a non-violent and peaceful Islamic movement in many countries including America, Canada, United Kingdom, and South Africa.

This is Dawat e Islami’s third continuous success on social media, precious two were the official verification of its Facebook account and the award of Silver Play Button by Youtube for reaching one lac subscribers of Maulana Ilyas Qadri- the founder of Dawat e Islami.

These achievements are the open proves of the Muslim scholars’  hard work, devotion, and love to the religion- Islam. Their preachings and teachings are spreading like the fire in the woods and making the rooting of Islam even stronger from day to day. By getting influenced by their teaching many non-believers are converting to Islam and various Muslim actors, musicians, artists, and people from a variety of different professions have changed their lifestyles.

Dawat e Islami has conveyed the Islamic message of Quran and Sunnah over to 200 locations which include all 194 independent countries and some of  the dependent territories of the world till today.