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YouTube saved millions of Pakistanis from death

YouTube exposes millions of Pakistanis from Death Valley by exposing India’s major conspiracy. Suddenly, water was released from India into the Sutlej River. Had Pakistani authorities been unaware, it would have cost millions of lives. Because the whole village is inhabited by the river Sutlej. Due to water scarcity, people had planted crops along the river Sutlej.

YouTube saved millions of Pakistanis


Tariq Mehmood Malik, deputy director of the Kasur district government, said India found out about YouTube releasing water in the Sutlej River via YouTube. He said that on the 18th of this month, the DCO of Kasur district called for a meeting of the officials of all the concerned departments at night.On arriving there, he learned that ‘DC Sahib watched the DC’s press conference in the Indian city of Jalandhar on YouTube.In the evening they were asking people to evacuate the area as water was being released in the Sutlej River.

Tariq Mehmood Malik said that an emergency meeting was called after which representatives of the Pakistani army were present and it was decided to warn the people and take all the precautions.

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